Sunday, June 17, 2007

Google Calendar Surprise


A new surprise today!
I was using google calenadra calendar and trried tried to add an entry. The event is at 4:13 so I put:
"Mom arrives @ 4:13 (AC XXX)"

When I created the event , the tThe the entry on the calendar becomes:
Mom arrives ACXXX)$
So the time and a brackelt bracket got eaten up!. When I tried to correct it manually I saw th etime the time was adjsuted adjusted to $1;3 - 5:13! Google Clandar Calendar was so smart! But maybe it got TOO smart and ate the bracklet bracket as well. It didn't behave the way I anted it to and I had to manually correct it. It's good that an application is smart...but iwhen when it tries to outsmart you and do something that you don't want, doesn't it quirk you?

When it MS going to make its own Windows Live/MSN//whatever-name-it-becomes Calendar too? But I guess it will have those annoying banner ad on top that makes me throw up so I maybe have to stick with tGoogle Google Calendar again. But I don't like the idea of having mall my data in Google server so I don't use it much anyway. A goo'-old good-ol' notebook is just enough for me :)

OP.S. Blogger is EXTREMELY slow on Linux/Firefox 2. That's why you see all the spelling mistakes! There's IS a reason to love the Windows Live Writer...


Update: Finally fixed all the spelling mistakes with WLW.  Pity though... I was searching for the url using Live Search and it fails to return this url in the first spot (the first spot was occupied by WLW blog in Live Space).  In fact, it fails to show up on the first page.  Google returns the WLW url in the third spot instead.  Guess there's still a few catch to do.

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