Sunday, July 09, 2006

Adieu, Zizou - after thoughts of World Cup 2006

Today is a remarkable day.

A month of a football fever concluded in this afternoon, witht the Azzurri beating Les Bleus in OK in one of the more competitive, and certainly more exciting game in the 2006 World Cup.

Nevertheless, for me, and for millions around the globe, the game itself actually reached its finale 10 minutes before the whistle when the red card was shown by the reference to the most talented, and best footballer in the past two decades, signaling not only an end of a game for the French, but the tragic end to a celebrated football career.

The man who is known for his coolness in his pasts, and decisiveness of his kicks, letted his temper get the better of him in the 110th minute of the match and butted his head into an Italian defender. I was dumbstucked when I saw it in the replay, and at that moment I was speechless, since I know that forever a glorious career of Zinedine Zidane will be tainted by his foolish act. The French team, so dominating throughout the second half and the OT, would not be recover psychologically from the loss of not only its captian, but the pillar of the team.

At the end David Trezeguet missed the only PK in the match, but he was not to be blamed completely. Had Zizou kept his cool he would have been one of the people taking the PK, and psychologically the Italians, and Buffon would have the greater burden since Zidane was just a presence in the French team.

But congratulations to all my friends who have supported Italy. It was quiet a sence to see the celebration through the streets of Montreal. Too bad I could not be there... my emotion was too detached. But it definitely wasn't worse than the Oilers' loss, and maybe tomorrow I can pour my heart and soul into works for 2 weeks.