Thursday, October 26, 2006

Prelude: On Improving Windows

First of all, a bit of miscellaneous news...I was just checking my new website and realized that I have now more than 100 visits! What a surprise! Well I certainly hope that the hits will rise with the release of JayFX and ConcernMigrator. My dream, of course, is still to build a Sudoku solver using GWT since it's a pain in the ass to track all the numbers on a piece of paper and I always make a mistake. I don't think it's hard to write but I gotta have the heart to write it.

And then there are the SICP, and python waiting in the queue... Maybe I should make a priority queue on it but then everything will be assigned with High Priority!

But anyway. Well I received an email from MS telling me that I got into the second interview and they are holding it in Vancouver! That means I gotta fly to BC and possibly spend a weekend there! In a way the prospect of having a free vacation thrills me more than a possibly of working in one of the most challenging companies in the world! First of all, they hire the 3rd best (the 2nd best go probably to Google and the 1st are probably working-in/founding a start-up, or working on the P!=NP proof, or in SE domain, a new architecture that supplants J2EE), and I'm not sure if I fit into that category. Secondly there is the "Hazel's factor" and although Seattle is reasonably close to our dream destination (Van) I still don't want to shut the HK door completely. I will want to be at a place where I don't have to part with Hazel, and to go back to HK might mean a change of my career. Well again, my life belongs to God so I pray for it... God has never let me down (in long terms) so I will be where He leads me~

Anyway for the few of you who read this (probably not too many) you would wonder... how does it relate to "Improving Windows"??? Well after I received the email that was what i was thinking if I were ever asked this question during the interview. In fact I spent my morning (and during the CORBA lecture) thinking about it... maybe I should do it over my next post...

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