Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hell with J2EE!

J2ee...I gave up in you....

Ever since yesterday I have been trying to finish the J2EE tutorial in CS 529 and as of now, I think I have spent over 6 hrs just trying to create an online multitiered SuperGrocery J2EE application.

After steadfastedly following each step and double checking constantly to make sure that I didn't make anything mistake, I launched the application and here was the result:

HTTP Status 404 - /grocery/addProduct

type Status report

message /grocery/addProduct

description The requested resource (/grocery/addProduct) is not available.

Apache Tomcat/5.5.17

What an insult.

I can see why J2EE programmers are treated like pearls now in the industry. (If you go and look for a normal programmer job seems that J2EE is usually a pre-requisite) Originally I thought, "pheww...framework programming... piece of cake...can it be any harder than proving NP-equivalent?" and I was dead wrong, and paid heavily (6 futile hours). It seems more true than anytime before that hardwork DOES NOT bring your fortune.

And now I still have to finish the JayFX deliverable AND prepare for tomorrow's bible study! Man I haven't even eaten my dinner yet! And I planned to make fried rice (an extremely time-consuming process). Now maybe I'd give up and go back to eating macaroni (which I did in the afternoon already and it sucked).

But let me do comment on the tutorial though. Although the TA (I know him personally and he's a lot smarter than me so I wouldn't say his name) painstakingly developed this wonderful tutorial he left so many holes that you have to scratch your head and hope that whatever he asked you to do would lead to a success cuz if it doesn't you have NO WAY to find out what's gone wrong!

And even though now I followed the entire tutorial I still have not (xxxxxxx) clue of what J2EE is about. Anyone who can give me a tutorial which I'd be able to complete in 3 hrs (50% of the time I already spent) is certainly welcomed!!

(Well the only one I know who reads my blog is Yvonne and she'd stepped out of the dark cloud of Java programming so this plead would probably not be answered).

On the other hand, I can ask Martin tomorrow but it would expose how stupid I'm...

Anyway... so tonight I will keep reading SICP and Romans 3 (2 books that are totally irrelevant) and hopefully run some tests on JayFX. This will be the first open source product that I publish so I want to be extra careful about it.

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enfant de lune said...

hehe... sorry man, Java is not my thing anymore :P Although, if you needed to know how to formulate a proper business case and test plan for software releases, you can always talk to me!