Monday, March 13, 2006

Thoughts about the next generation

I was trying to write a big blog entry for the past two days and they are still sitting as drafts in my storage. However, I ran around two articles recently and I have found out profoundly disturbing.

One is from washingtonpost, which talks about the people of this generation constantly try to evade from being responsible. It is sort of true, when nowaday most of the time people always refuse to apologize, try to complain as if we have done no faults. It surely explains why I am being so irresponsible lately because in general I tend to think myself as a decent human being, not realizing how cruel and uncaring I can just be.
The other article is about a social worker
who decides to quit after witnessing the true nature of the world under social welfare. The reason it strikes me is not only because of atrocity that have been done when the majority of us are just obvious. It's the fact that we are always investing our time and money in trying to help 'some' people, yet the society as a whole does not benefit. Of course, what motivates me to think of it has a lot to do with the on-going Ephesus coffee house planning. Indeed we are trying to introduce people to the church, the fellowship, while trying to break some of the myths that people generally have about Christian, and I am totally for it. Yet I cannot help but think of the people who are truly suffering: if Christ were here today, where would he be? Staying in a church and try to ask the church to organize a revival meeting, send out invitations to friends and family to come to listen to a guy named Jesus talks? (well.... it's generally how it works nowaday and has become main channel of evangelism) I think he would much prefer to walk on the St. Laurent, St Catherine, or St. Urbains, and help the needy, the blinded, the lame~ Yet today I have remained in my comfort zone instead of stepping out~

(And it makes me appreciate the Montreal Project that the Campus Crusade was doing. I may not have the courage to ever do that... but what they were doing was a genuine effort to lift up the society and worth our appreciation)

Well, hopefully I will not get into trouble by writing this... for those who are offended, I will apologize to you again.... it is just a personal blog after all and it's just a stupid man's ranting....

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