Monday, March 06, 2006

Staring from a sunny day

Well. Here it goes... my first blog on March 6th, 2006 was born.

I started this blog, mainly due to the motivation to this site that I read... I was reading it until 3 in the morning and finally realize that rather than just sitting (or lying) on my bed reading blog, why don't I just start one?

So here is the site that totally inspires me. Best piece of reading since I read Paul Graham's, and You and Your Research by Rich Hamming last month.

Of course, this blog website will post five things that I am most interested in: church, fellowships, Chinese political history and politics, and life being a graduate student, and maybe programming... hahaha...


P.S. When I googled the web for sites with this chinese idiom most entries used 試目以待, which is incorrect. So I searched and found a site that gave me the corrected 'spelling'~

And...please feel welcome to correct any grammatical mistakes that I've made :)

原人 上 (Yuen-yan....)

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