Thursday, June 26, 2008

The journey of the prodigal son, Day 2


Sometimes when you are determined to accomplish something, the whole world turns to distract you.  Today I still have not started the work; however, my tools are prepared.  Both the IDE and the MikTex are downloaded and ready to be load.

The remaining things on the list are:

  • Buy a new computer that has enough RAM for programming if necessary - probably the hardest thing to decide cuz of the costs.
  • Make sure that I can generate latex with my MikTex configuration
  • Get the tools ready: 1. the IDE, and 2. the emacs, 3. the latex plugin.

Work - well I was pulled from the crew work to work on creating branch and unfortunately the branch work is tedious and unchallenging intellectually but fails very often and time/attention sucking.  Thanks to the MyRadio shows, I kept my attention on the task at hand instead of avoiding it.  But tomorrow will be the difficult day.  In order not to suck my energy so I cannot give to anything else, the only solution is to start early.

For the last hour I was hoping to upload the pictures on FB but it has been failing me... I wish our Microsoft Live has a similar service where I can upload pictures (with good quality) and allow us to tag our MSN contacts on the pictures and share it on the web.  But don't use it on the Spaces... that thing (along the eye-torturing banner ad) is just ridiculous and I don't know about you, but I just hate using it.

Here are some pictures from Montreal I can share here though...


My new bags...


With Billy at his farewell dinner


The reunion with the kings of Ephesus

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