Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Introducing "What goes into a great technical presentation?" by Don Box

Don Box, the software architect at Microsoft, talked about how to make great presentation at channel 9. I came across it when I was searching for technical evangelist in wiki. I don't know why Don is listed in the prestigious list of 4 most important software evangelist wiki thinks you should know, but I digged deeper and found this buried video from channel 9. Well... how much I wish I know more about this (instead of youtube/dailymotion).

But I strongly encourage anyone I know who has done or is going to do a technical presentation, to watch this video and see if what he says changes how you plan your powerpoint content.

Best quote: "Powerpoint is at best, at best, a mean..."

Now I'm going to spend less time on my powerpoint for the presentation tomorrow. That means... no more animation!!!

Btw, I will be doing a talk in LATE 07! My first (and hopefully not last) real technical presentation! Let's hope that I won't get grilled...

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